Kate Hofstetter

Lead Teacher Grades 4-5

Ms. Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida International University, a Master of Education in Montessori Integrative Educational Studies from Endicott College and The Institute of Educational Studies, and is widely trained in whole brain-body integration. She is enthralled with learning and daily ponders the essence of education and the neuropsychology which best serves students’ academic, cognitive, and social growth. She has worked in both private and public Montessori settings and currently assists with Language Arts curriculum and believes in “paying it forward” for the love she has received throughout her two decade, Montessori, integrative learning journey. She continually explores and among her favorites are plants, bugs, marine life, photography, diving, poetry, reading, and writing. She spends as much time as possible inhaling her natural island environment and cherishes hanging out with her wonderful husband and family.

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