Unleash Your Artistic Talents: Explore the Music & Theatre Program at Treasure Village Montessori

Cultivating Creativity, Expression, and the Magic of Performing Arts

At Treasure Village Montessori, we believe in the transformative power of music and theatre. Our Musical Theatre Program provides students with an enriching and immersive experience, fostering a love for the performing arts and nurturing their creative expression.

At Treasure Village Montessori, we celebrate the joy of music and the magic of theatre. Our Musical Theatre Program nurtures students' artistic talents, encourages self-expression, and fosters a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Join us in this extraordinary journey of creativity, exploration, and artistic growth as we embrace the power of music and theatre at Treasure Village Montessori.

TVM drama school putting on a show on stage.TVM drama school putting on a show on stage.TVM music teacher posing with student at a show.TVM drama school putting on a show on stage.

Key Elements of Our Technology Program

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Through theatre arts, students engage in dramatic play, storytelling, improvisation, and stage performances. They develop self-confidence, public speaking skills, and an appreciation for the art of acting. Our theatre program encourages students to explore their creativity, embrace their individuality, and collaborate with their peers to bring stories to life on stage.


Performance Opportunities

We provide students with various opportunities to showcase their talents and growth through regular performances and productions. From musicals and theatrical performances, students gain invaluable stage experience and build their performance skills in front of an audience.

Ignite Your Child's Potential at TVM

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TVM Music Teacher

Meet Our Inspirational Music and Drama Teacher, Ms. Rita Leonardi

Ms. Rita Leonardi, our esteemed Music and Musical Theater teacher at TVM, brings a wealth of experience and a deep love for the performing arts to our students. With a rich background in vocal performance and a dedication to nurturing young talents, Ms. Rita is a true guiding force in our Music and Theatre Program.

With over 25 years of experience, Ms. Rita has not only been a passionate educator but also a dedicated private instructor, teaching piano and voice lessons to aspiring artists. Her students have achieved remarkable success, with many of them securing roles in Hollywood, Disney World, and even on Broadway. This testament to her teaching excellence showcases her commitment to nurturing individual talents and helping students achieve their dreams.

Ms. Rita's teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that each individual possesses a unique instrument, and it is our responsibility to embrace and develop its full potential through learning and consistent practice. She instills a sense of discipline, perseverance, and passion in her students, guiding them towards reaching new heights of artistic expression.

Capturing Moments of Artistry

Step into the world of creativity and expression as we invite you to explore a collection of performances that embody the vibrant spirit of our Musical Theatre Program. From electrifying stage moments to heartfelt musical harmonies, allow these images to transport you into a realm of artistic brilliance, where passion, talent, and storytelling come together in perfect harmony.