Scuba Club

Exploring Marine Worlds and Cultivating Conservation

Dive into Learning and Conservation

At Treasure Village Montessori, our Scuba Club offers students a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world while emphasizing the importance of marine conservation. Partnering with I.CARE (Islamorada Conservation and Restoration Education), we provide students with comprehensive scuba training and certification, equipping them with skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Treasure Village Montessori School student poses underwater as they are scuba diving during scuba club.Treasure Village Montessori School student poses underwater as they are scuba diving during scuba club.Underwater angel fish at the reef.Treasure Village Montessori School students underwater scuba diving.

Club Highlights

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Through our partnership with I.CARE, students achieve official scuba certification, opening doors to future marine activities and careers.

Monthly Dive Trips

Regular dive trips offer students hands-on experience in marine environments, fostering a deeper connection with the ocean.

Coral Planting

Engaging in coral restoration projects, students actively contribute to preserving marine ecosystems.


Students receive professional scuba training, ensuring they are well-prepared for underwater exploration.

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Integrating Scuba with Montessori

Join us on a journey beneath the waves and discover how Treasure Village Montessori's Scuba Club inspires a new generation of ocean stewards and explorers.

Hands-On Learning: Students apply scientific concepts in real-world settings, enhancing their understanding of marine biology and ecology.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Each dive trip and restoration project challenges students to think critically and develop innovative solutions to environmental issues.

Community and Responsibility: The club fosters a sense of community and responsibility, encouraging students to become active participants in conservation efforts and global citizens.